Stroll through time on a
Cavern Walking Tour

The Cavern Walking Tour is our most popular tour; offered 363 days a year. See the Park/Tour Hours section of the Home Page for current tour times.

Regular tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis only. No advanced reservations are accepted for groups of less than 20 people. Groups of less than 20 people should come directly to the park and join the next available regular tour.

Click here to request a group booking for 20 or more people.


Learn about the history and geology of Longhorn Cavern on this guided walking tour of the cavern’s 1.1 miles of developed passages.


90 minutes

Tour Highlights

  • Crystal City
  • Queen’s Throne & Watchdog
  • Indian Council Room
  • Underground Ballroom
  • Gunpowder Room
  • Moon Room
  • Hall of Marble
  • Gallery of Formations
  • Termite Room
  • Hall of Diamonds
  • Ranger’s Entrance




(Age 13+)



(Age 3-12)



(Ages 0-2)


  • Cavern Entrance
  • Queen's Throne
  • Queen's Watchdog
  • Indian Council Room
  • Eagle's Wing
  • Hall of Diamonds

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